TIOD is reverse order of Do-it. Also it's short of Technology Innovation Of Disc.

   TIOD can open most file formats directly from your computer without any additional program.Only TIOD can do it in the world.

And no matter what the computer os is (MS Windows series, Linux or Unix which can support Samba) TIOD can read files directly without copying, even from an ordinary FTP server.
In spite of short launching time, Over 400,000 users are using TIOD for their purpose. Now your turn.

Are you running a program to encode your movie for your iPhone/iPad? Or are you looking for non-encoding apps then are you tring to connect to iTunes with USB cable?
OOOr, have you trouble with installation of additional program for non-encoding , non-usb apps like AirXXX?

After logging in your PC with air, just enjoy your files without any other steps.

Only movies? or musics? No, TIOD can show you almost format of files, including MS word, excel , power point,PDF,text, rich text, pictures or your own files.

TIOD shows
Word (doc,

Point (ppt,pptx)
Pictures ,Photos(png,gif,jpg,bmp)

or any other your own format.

TIOD can support SMI subtitles.
No additional installation,
No additional settings
TIOD is so simple.
And it's FREE apps.


TIOD can connect to
1. All Windows series PC
2. FTP Server
3. Samba supported Unix,Linux
4. Mac OSX
5. NAS Device
6. Other iPhone, iPad

TIOD features

1. It's FREE, everything is on the Air.
2. No additional installation on your PC.
3. You can enjoy almost formats from your PC,
4. You can copy files to your iPhone, if you want to.
5. No encoding to enjoy your movies.
6. Almost formats of musics can be supported.
7. Almost formats of photos can be supported.
8. With FTP server, you can enjoy your movie without copying.
9. You can watch your friends photos with Phone2phone,
10. And listen to your friend's musics from his/her phone.
11. Adjusting quality of movies.
12. Almost language is supported.
13. History management.
14. Continous showing of photos even it's on network.
15. Your PC's explorer can show you contents of your iPhone.
16. You can use Drag&Drop with your explorer to copying or deleting
17. It is a USB air, You can copy any files to/from iphone anywhere.


Release Information (1.3.x only)
Until 1.3.7, Connecting process was diffrent between Win7 Home and Professional version. But from 1.3.8 All windows series can be connected by your account and password. When you are innocent for your account, please refer to "how to" help.

- win7 connection with guest or account had a little bug. Fixed.

- Correction of wrong computer names for scanning.
- When your PC's file explorer shows your iPhone's contents, Non english language is supported.

- New window (how to login) is added.
- So, additional setting menu is added.

- smi (SAMI file) subtitle will be possible. When you watch a avi file, TIOD will read smi subtitle file before starting of video

- architecture was changed for samba,NAS,and vista so it's 1.3.6
- When you have a viewer for some extension, It wll be possible to link the extension to your viewer by yourself.
- There will be "select all" "remove all" button for musics folder at MyFolder
- [Scan] will show you computer names including IP addresses
- Phone2Phone Speed is much faster than 1.3.3
- For inserting the ip addresses at firt screen, when keyboard is appeared, Screen will be scrolled to top, so you can see text box anytime.
- Filenames will be shown in two lines.
- Flv icon was missing in old version, fixed.
- Forced Login Window for NAS or non guest Linux SAMBA
- Security problem when PC connects to your iPhone, was fixed.
- tested for NAS device, Redhat9, Fedora12 Samba.
- old version could not play the movie which has 6 channel / 4 channel audio codec, but new version can play well

- I found some reasong of crashes, and fixed.
- 1.3.2's tiny bug. When viewing of pictures, sometimes next pictures is not shown after finger drag. It's a bug and fixed.
- When you are watching the video with FTP, it was bug that over 2 GB movies could not be played with FTP. FIXED. no matter what size is. you can watch ane enjoy the movies with FTP connection. With FTP, you can enjoy the all files just like PC connection. it means, With other apps's FTP, you can just copy the files. But with FTP in TIOD, you can enjoy the movies, musics , etc without copying.
- I found a bug that FTP login with ID after [scan] did not work. otherwise after inserting the address and pressing the [Go] button, it worked.
It was fixed.
- Large screen (not file size) videoes can not be decoded properly by current iPhone's CUP. So warning message will be show for large screen videos. Maybe iPhone 5 can decode full sized video. I guess.
- I inserted [Done] button for keyboard in order to hide the keyboard when you try to insert the address for [Go] menu.
- I fixed a bug. trying to FTP login with history list didn't work.
- You can enjoy flash file ".FLV"
- new help files including windows7 settings and with easy terms. .
- Limitation of shared folder will be hundreds.(repeat login problem


TIOD is a tradmark, All copyright from TIOD. Main Technology is already our patent and some is pending.